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#External Web Projects Status (cy)

Hover your mouse on a cell in the Status column to display statistics or errors for a specific project.
Data updated about every 3 hours. Last update: 2016-02-12 00:41 Europe/Paris (+0100).

Project % Status
AMO (olympia) 5.9 error
Find My Device 100 error
Firefox Account 93.2 error
Firefox Accounts Payments 13.7 error
Firefox Hello 71.3 error
Firefox Input 0 error
Firefox for iOS 100 error
Marketplace 1.9 error
Marketplace CommBadge 0 error
Marketplace Fireplace 89.6 error
Marketplace Spartacus 0 error
Marketplace Stats 0 error
Marketplace Zippy 100 error

An alternative view for web projects is available in this page.