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State of your lang files (data updated every 15 minutes) Status Deadline Critical
firefox/android/index.lang 15 missing October 27 2014 Yes
firefox/independent.lang 14 missing November 09 Yes
firefox/new.lang 2 missing November 09 Yes
firefox/sync.lang 1 missing November 09 Yes
firefox/tiles.lang 33 missing November 09 Yes
mozorg/contribute/index.lang 1 missing November 10 Yes
mozorg/home/index.lang 1 missing November 09 Yes All Files translated
surveys All Files translated
about:healthreport All Files translated
snippets Status Deadline Critical
nov2014_a.lang 18 missing November 05 Yes
add-ons Status Deadline Critical
privacycoach.lang 60 missing November 07 No
firefox-tiles Status Deadline Critical
tiles.lang 8 missing -- Yes
contribute-autoreplies Status Deadline Critical
activism.txt untranslated -- No
coding_addons.txt untranslated -- No
coding_cloud.txt untranslated -- No
coding_firefox.txt untranslated -- No
coding_firefoxos.txt untranslated -- No
coding_marketplace.txt untranslated -- No
coding_webcompat.txt untranslated -- No
coding_webdev.txt untranslated -- No
dontknow.txt untranslated -- No
education_fellowships.txt untranslated -- No
education_hive.txt untranslated -- No
education_sciencelab.txt untranslated -- No
education_webmaker.txt untranslated -- No
generic_template.txt untranslated -- No
l10n_product.txt untranslated -- No
l10n_tools.txt untranslated -- No
l10n_web.txt untranslated -- No
qa_addons.txt untranslated -- No
qa_general.txt untranslated -- No
qa_marketplace.txt untranslated -- No
qa_webcompat.txt untranslated -- No
sumo_sumo.txt untranslated -- No
sumo_webcompat.txt untranslated -- No
writing_addons.txt untranslated -- No
writing_journalism.txt untranslated -- No
writing_marketplace.txt untranslated -- No
writing_social.txt untranslated -- No
writing_txt_devs.txt untranslated -- No
writing_txt_users.txt untranslated -- No
google-play Status Deadline Critical
description_page.lang 68 missing November 09 No

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