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#State of your lang files (data updated every 15 minutes) Missing Errors Deadline Critical
firefox/developer.lang 63 - June 01 2015 No
firefox/tiles.lang 32 - November 09 2014 Yes
firefox/whatsnew_38.lang 12 - - Yes
mozorg/home/index.lang 2 - August 10 Yes Missing Errors Deadline Critical
fx36start.lang 6 - December 04 2014 Yes
about:healthreport Missing Errors Deadline Critical
fhr.lang 2 - - Yes
firefox-tiles All Files translated

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#External Web Projects Status (ga-IE)

Hover your mouse on a cell in the Status column to display statistics or errors for a specific project.
Data updated about every 3 hours. Last update: 2015-07-29 10:43 Europe/Paris (+0200).

Project % Status
AMO (olympia js) 44.6 error
AMO (olympia) 53.6 error
Firefox Account (client) 0 error
Firefox Account (server) 0 error
Firefox Input 96 error
Firefox for iOS 80.6 error
Marketplace 48.4 error
Marketplace (js) 36.8 error
Marketplace CommBadge 23.6 error
Marketplace Fireplace 21.4 error
Marketplace Spartacus 98.8 error
Marketplace Stats 0 error
Marketplace Zippy 0 error
SUMO 58.3 error
SUMO (buddyup) 0 error
SUMO (yaocho) 100 error

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