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State of your lang files (data updated every 15 minutes) Status Deadline Critical
firefox/android/index.lang 34 missing October 27 Yes
firefox/privacy_tour/privacy_tour.lang 33 missing November 04 Yes
foundation/annualreport/2011.lang 41 missing -- No
foundation/annualreport/2011faq.lang 21 missing -- Yes
foundation/annualreport/2012/faq.lang 38 missing -- No
foundation/annualreport/2012/index.lang 27 missing -- Yes
mozorg/about/history-details.lang 24 missing -- No
mozorg/about/history.lang 20 missing -- No
mozorg/mission.lang 3 missing December 31 2013 No
newsletter.lang 13 missing -- Yes
snippets.lang 3 missing -- No All Files translated
about:healthreport All Files translated
firefox-tiles All Files translated

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External Web Projects Status (pa-IN)

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Project % Status
Firefox Account (client) 0 file contains errors
Firefox Account (server) 0 file contains errors
SUMO 7.2 file contains errors
SUMO (js) 21.6 file contains errors
SUMO (yaocho) 0 file contains errors