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Product % Type Tran. Untr. Iden. Miss. Fuzzy Total Errors
Firefox Accountsgettext 1 gettext 6 582 0 0 0 588
Firefox Out-of-date Add-onproperties 0 properties 0 0 0 3 0 3
Firefox Screenshotsproperties 8 properties 42 0 1 243 0 285
Firefox for iOSxliff 75.7 xliff 502 161 47 0 0 663
Focus for Androidgettext 87.5 gettext 175 25 0 0 0 200
Focus for iOSxliff 88.2 xliff 149 20 6 0 0 169
Pocketproperties 100 properties 36 0 2 0 0 36
SUMOgettext 0 gettext 0 2530 0 0 0 2530
Thunderbird.netgettext 73.8 gettext 90 32 0 0 0 122

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Notes on XLIFF files

A MDN document is available explaining how to to work on XLIFF files.