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download.lang download_button.lang firefox/android/index.lang firefox/australis/firefox_tour.lang firefox/australis/fx36_tour.lang firefox/channel.lang firefox/choose.lang firefox/desktop/customize.lang firefox/desktop/fast.lang firefox/desktop/index.lang firefox/desktop/tips.lang firefox/desktop/trust.lang firefox/developer.lang firefox/family/index.lang firefox/geolocation.lang firefox/hello.lang firefox/installer-help.lang firefox/ios.lang firefox/new.lang firefox/nightly_firstrun.lang firefox/os/devices.lang firefox/os/faq.lang firefox/os/index-new.lang firefox/os/tv.lang firefox/partners/index.lang firefox/pocket.lang firefox/privacy_tour/privacy_tour.lang firefox/private-browsing.lang firefox/push.lang firefox/sendto.lang firefox/sync.lang firefox/tiles.lang firefox/tracking-protection-tour.lang firefox/whatsnew_38.lang firefox/whatsnew_42.lang firefox/win10-welcome.lang legal/index.lang main.lang mobile.lang mozorg/404.lang mozorg/about.lang mozorg/about/history.lang mozorg/about/manifesto.lang mozorg/contribute/index.lang mozorg/contribute/stories.lang mozorg/home/index.lang mozorg/mission.lang mozorg/newsletters.lang mozorg/plugincheck.lang mozorg/products.lang newsletter.lang newsletter/ios.lang privacy/index.lang privacy/principles.lang privacy/privacy-day.lang tabzilla/tabzilla.lang thunderbird/features.lang thunderbird/index.lang thunderbird/start/release.lang upgradedialog.lang upgradepromos.lang




snippets/apr2015.lang snippets/aug2014_d.lang snippets/aug2015_a.lang snippets/aug2015_win10.lang snippets/dec2014_a.lang snippets/fall2015.lang snippets/feb2015_a.lang snippets/jan2015b_a.lang snippets/jul2015_b.lang snippets/jun2015_c.lang snippets/mar2015_a.lang snippets/may2015_a.lang snippets/nov2014_d.lang snippets/nov2015_a.lang snippets/oct2015_a.lang snippets/sep2014_b.lang snippets/sep2015.lang snippets/spring2015.lang tiles/tiles.lang tiles/tiles_aug2015.lang tiles/tiles_jul2015.lang tiles/tiles_nov2015.lang tiles/tiles_oct2015.lang tiles/tiles_sep2015.lang



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  • Warm wishes to our friends and supporters. Thank you for choosing Firefox and supporting an open Web.
  • No need for a hat and mittens. In just a couple of clicks, you can have instant winter in your browser. <a>Make it snow</a>!
  • Red panda sneak attack!
  • Sneaky red pandas get a pass. Sneaky trackers, no way. <a>Learn how to stop trackers from diving into your private business</a>.
  • Long plane ride ahead? Save a bunch of articles with Pocket for Firefox, then hit the recline button and catch up with your reading on the flight. <a>Try it now.</a>
  • Productivity tip: access your computer's browsing history on the go from your Android device. <a>Make it happen when you sign up for Sync.</a>
  • Tip: Find noisy tabs and mute them in a single click without affecting sound from other tabs. <a>Here's how.</a>
  • Firefox is designed to work seamlessly with Windows. Select it as your default browser to get more protection and privacy when you're online.
  • Warm wishes from Mozilla. Thank you for choosing Firefox and supporting an open Web.
  • Forecast: cloudy with a chance of smiles. <a>Brighten your browser with a new theme</a>.
  • Open links in the background to view later when you enable tab queuing.
  • Tip: access your computer's browsing history from your Android device. Make it happen with Sync.

Tip: if it is normal that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical" Example:

Plugins {ok}