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download.lang download_button.lang firefox/android/index.lang firefox/australis/firefox_tour.lang firefox/channel.lang firefox/desktop/customize.lang firefox/desktop/fast.lang firefox/desktop/index.lang firefox/desktop/tips.lang firefox/desktop/trust.lang firefox/developer.lang firefox/geolocation.lang firefox/independent.lang firefox/installer-help.lang firefox/new.lang firefox/nightly_firstrun.lang firefox/os/devices.lang firefox/os/faq.lang firefox/os/index.lang firefox/partners/index.lang firefox/privacy_tour/privacy_tour.lang firefox/sync.lang firefox/tiles.lang firefoxlive.lang firefoxtesting.lang legal/index.lang main.lang mobile.lang mozorg/about.lang mozorg/about/history.lang mozorg/about/manifesto.lang mozorg/contribute.lang mozorg/contribute/index.lang mozorg/contribute/stories.lang mozorg/home.lang mozorg/home/index.lang mozorg/mission.lang mozorg/plugincheck.lang mozorg/products.lang snippets.lang tabzilla/tabzilla.lang upgradedialog.lang upgradepromos.lang



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Tip: if it is normal that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical" Example:

Plugins {ok}