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Strings identical to English:

  • Mozilla Leadership
  • Our leadership team is made up of both paid staff and volunteers who represent a breadth of experience and expertise in building products that people love and empowering communities to make a significant impact on the project and in the world.
  • While these teams have different day-to-day responsibilities and areas of focus, they are all guided by our non-profit, open-source, community-based mission, identity and values.
  • Management Teams
  • Mozilla Reps Council
  • Boards of Directors
  • Mozilla Corporation
  • Executive Chairwoman
  • Steering Committee
  • Mozillians profile
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • President
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Senior VP, Business and Legal Affairs
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief of Staff and SVP of Operations
  • VP, Planning and Ecosystem
  • VP, Content Services
  • VP and General Manager, Firefox
  • VP, Brand Engagement
  • VP, New Initiatives
  • VP, Information Technology
  • VP, Platform Engineering
  • Mozilla Foundation
  • President and Executive Director
  • Website
  • VP, People
  • VP, Product
  • VP, Learning
  • VP, Engagement
  • VP, Operations
  • Chair
  • The Mozilla Reps Council is composed of volunteer Mozillians who function as official representatives of Mozilla in their region or locale. The council provides the general vision for the Mozilla Reps Program and oversees day-to-day operations globally.

Tip: if it is normal that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical" Example:

Plugins {ok}