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  • Firefox Hello is the easiest way to connect with friends and family for free over video.
  • Connect with anyone over video right from Firefox
  • Get to know Firefox Hello
  • <span>Previous:</span> Firefox Hello
  • Meet Hello
  • The easiest way to connect for free over video with anyone, anywhere
  • Show me how
  • Did you know?
  • You can have free video conversations right from your Firefox browser.
  • 1/2
  • 2/2
  • Want to reconnect with friends around the world? Celebrate a birthday when you can’t be there in person? Try Firefox Hello — the easiest way to have a free video conversation with anyone, anywhere.
  • <span>Next:</span> Get started
  • Free video conversations,<br> right from Firefox
  • No account, sign-in or downloads required
  • Simply start a conversation and share a link
  • Invite anyone, anywhere to join
  • Keep conversations one click away
  • Add Hello to your toolbar so it’s here whenever you need it.
  • Perfect!
  • Now using Hello will be even easier. To move or remove the icon, just open the menu and select Customize.
  • Want to add it later?
  • No problem. Just open this menu, select Customize and simply drag the Hello icon into your toolbar.
  • Start a video conversation with a single click
  • Invite a friend to talk by sending them a link
  • Anyone can join — with or without Firefox
  • Here when you need it
  • Start and join conversations right from your toolbar.
  • <span>Next:</span> Firefox Hello
  • <span>Next:</span> Search
  • Connect over video with anyone, anywhere
  • It’s free! No account, sign-in or downloads required
  • Choose how you want to search
  • Introducing a smarter <br>way to search
  • Search suggestions appear as you type
  • Choose the right site for every search
  • <span>Previous:</span> Search

Tip: if it is normal that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical" Example:

Plugins {ok}




activism.txt coding_addons.txt coding_cloud.txt coding_firefox.txt coding_firefoxos.txt coding_marketplace.txt coding_webcompat.txt coding_webdev.txt dontknow.txt education_webmaker.txt l10n_product.txt l10n_tools.txt l10n_web.txt qa_addons.txt qa_general.txt qa_marketplace.txt qa_webcompat.txt sumo_sumo.txt sumo_webcompat.txt writing_addons.txt writing_marketplace.txt writing_txt_devs.txt writing_txt_users.txt

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education_fellowships.txt untranslated Reference file (2014-09-22 20:34) Locale file (2014-09-22 20:34)
education_hive.txt untranslated Reference file (2014-09-22 20:34) Locale file (2014-09-22 20:34)
education_sciencelab.txt untranslated Reference file (2014-09-22 20:34) Locale file (2014-09-22 20:34)
writing_journalism.txt untranslated Reference file (2014-10-10 15:46) Locale file (2014-10-10 15:46)
writing_social.txt untranslated Reference file (2014-09-22 20:34) Locale file (2014-09-22 20:34)