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  • Take Firefox with you
  • Wherever you roam
  • Roam free on the open web
  • Browse like no one's watching, no matter where you are. Firefox sets you — and your phone — free online.
  • Give your browser superpowers with extensions
  • Discover the top essential extensions to customize Firefox.
  • Discover Essential Extensions for Firefox
  • Extensions are like toppings for your baked potato — once you try them, you can't imagine going without them. Firefoxers use extensions to give their privacy a boost, play games, block ads, manage video downloads and all kinds of other extraordinary stuff.
  • Give your browser superpowers and discover the top Firefox extensions:
  • See the top extensions
  • If you use bookmarks, you’re gonna love this
  • Introducing Pocket — a better way to bookmark.
  • Sure, you COULD have a million tabs open or an inbox full of articles you emailed yourself. Or you could just click Pocket.
  • Pocket saves web pages for you to read later, without ads. It's like bookmarks, but better. And it's built right into Firefox.
  • Click that little button in the toolbar any time you find a web page you like: a tasty-looking recipe, a smart op-ed or instructions on how to build a spaceship out of twine and paper clips. Use Pocket now to save that tab you've had open since the new year.
  • Once in Pocket, easily access it anywhere without distractions, like web banners and auto-play videos. Read, watch or even listen to articles on your phone when you have a long commute or spotty Wi-Fi. Save it now on your laptop and read it later on <a>iPhone</a>, <a>Android</a> and <a>Kindle Fire</a>.
  • Try Pocket now
  • Pocket makes the best of the web available wherever and whenever you want — no distractions, no noise. We can't wait for you to try it out.
  • To a better web, <br>The Firefox Team
  • Add a personal touch
  • Spruce up your browser with Firefox Themes
  • Let your theme do the talking
  • Firefox makes it easy to personalize your browser as often as you like. Wanna change it every week? Go right ahead. Every day? More power to you. Just hover over a theme to try it out, then click through to use it. Oh, and you can even try your hand at creating a theme of your own.
  • Try on new themes
  • Are you up to date?
  • We have an important question
  • We usually cover a wide range of topics to help you get the most from your browser: features, customization, speed, add-ons, cat gifs… you get the gist. But today we have just one question: Is your Firefox up to date?
  • Why do we ask? Because we want you to have the best internet experience possible. And that comes from staying updated with the latest features and technology.
  • Thanks again for using Firefox, the original alternative browser. By doing so, you're supporting Mozilla and an internet for people, not profit.
  • Is your Firefox up to date
  • Check your version now
  • Tips for a better browsing experience
  • We think these are pretty handy.
  • Awesome Bar power-ups, at your fingertips
  • You know that place where you type a web address in Firefox? We call that the Awesome Bar. And it certainly didn’t get its name for being anything less than awesome. All it takes to make it even more awesome is adding a few characters to your search.
  • One example: Add * to search for matches in your bookmarks. Searching Slack* in the Awesome Bar brings up your bookmarked Slack site, not the generic Slack company site.
  • And that’s just the beginning. Check out all the ways seven little characters can give the Awesome Bar a big power-up.
  • Master the power-ups
  • Take a break from Big Data
  • Take control of your data
  • How does tracking work, anyway?
  • Imagine leaving a trail of breadcrumbs that big corporations can use to reconstruct your whereabouts, preferences and identity, even before you finish reading the headlines over your morning coffee.
  • Sometimes tracking can be okay, like when a company you buy from remembers what you look at on their site. But other kinds of trackers don’t care about you as a customer. Third-party trackers aren’t invited to the party at all, but they let themselves into your life, your connections and your interests. That puts your personal privacy at risk, because they’re trying to sell you.
  • Understanding how tracking works, especially third-party tracking, is the biggest step toward taking better control of your personal data. Mozilla is here to help you get started.
  • Get smart on tracking
  • Get Firefox Focus, the ultimate private browser
  • Stop trackers. Speed up searches. Roam free.
  • Take back control of your privacy
  • As long as other browsers let ad networks follow you around the web, Mozilla keeps coming up with new ways to outfox the trackers. Our latest is Firefox Focus, the ultimate private browser, available for Android and iOS. Focus automatically blocks ads so you get blazingly fast search results. When you're done, delete your history — cookies, passwords, all of it — by tapping "Erase."
  • Trackers = outfoxed. Searches = speedy. You = free to roam. Firefox Focus could become your new favorite mobile browser.
  • Extensions for everything
  • Calling all interests: from online shopping to internet privacy.
  • Make Firefox all for you
  • Extensions are as varied as the internet itself. From serious jobs like protecting your privacy to not-so-serious stuff like improving your emojis, they’re built to enhance nearly everything we do online. So we put together a little collection of wildly varied content to illustrate their vast power.
  • Happy customizing!
  • Improving your emojis
  • Get the Extensions
  • The big-picture story of Mozilla
  • What kind of future internet do you want? Walled gardens and locked gates, or a great wide open for all to explore?
  • Hello There,
  • While you may think of Mozilla as just a pioneer of open-source software, there's so much more to our story.
  • Mozilla's mission is to be the not-for-profit champion of a healthy, safe and open internet. We ask for your help to ensure those principles always ring true.
  • Mozilla believes we should all be free to explore and discover, create and innovate, without barriers or limitations. We are an independent voice helping to ensure that power is in the hands of the many, not held by the few.
  • We need your support to carry this healthy internet mission forward. We all want an internet where our safety, security and identity are respected — now and for generations to come. Your help makes a difference.
  • While Firefox development is supported entirely by our commercial partnerships, we rely upon donations from folks like you to support the Mozilla Foundation's initiatives like our advocacy work for net neutrality and copyright reform; our Tech Policy fellowships to steer policy towards a healthy internet; and our programs to teach web literacy around the world.
  • Please join us by making a donation today.
  • Thanks so much.
  • Support Mozilla now

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  • Our not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation is committed to an internet that includes all the peoples of the earth — where a person’s demographic characteristics do not determine their online access, opportunities, or quality of experience. If you agree, please donate today to help support programs like our open Web Literacy curriculum.
  • The future of the internet is at stake, with new threats to our online privacy and security almost every day. Our Mozilla Foundation fights for a healthy internet. As a not-for-profit we rely on your support, so please donate today to fund projects like our “Privacy Not Included” buyers guide.
  • The Mozilla Foundation stands up for Net Neutrality, copyright reform and strong data protection laws around the world. As a non-profit, we count on donations from supporters like you to drive this advocacy work. Will you help fund the movement today?
  • Our not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation is committed to an internet that elevates critical thinking, reasoned argument, shared knowledge, and verifiable facts. If you agree, please donate today to help support programs like the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative.
  • Our not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation is committed to an internet that catalyzes collaboration among diverse communities working together for the common good. If you agree, please donate today to help support programs like our effort to reform copyright law in the EU.

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  • Merci d’avoir choisi Firefox&nbsp;! Votre navigateur par défaut a-t-il changé depuis la dernière mise à jour de Windows&nbsp;10&nbsp;? <a>Voici comment faire de Firefox votre navigateur par défaut.</a>
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