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download_button.lang firefox/accounts-2019.lang firefox/adblocker.lang firefox/all-unified.lang firefox/all.lang firefox/best-browser.lang firefox/campaign-trailhead.lang firefox/campaign.lang firefox/channel/index.lang firefox/facebookcontainer/index.lang firefox/features/bookmarks.lang firefox/features/fast.lang firefox/features/independent.lang firefox/features/index.lang firefox/features/memory.lang firefox/features/password-manager.lang firefox/features/private-browsing.lang firefox/features/send-tabs.lang firefox/features/sync.lang firefox/hub/home-quantum.lang firefox/installer-help.lang firefox/mobile.lang firefox/new/quantum.lang firefox/new/trailhead.lang firefox/nightly_firstrun.lang firefox/nightly_whatsnew.lang firefox/products/developer-quantum.lang firefox/profile-per-install.lang firefox/sendto.lang firefox/shared.lang firefox/switch.lang firefox/tracking-protection-tour.lang firefox/whatsnew.lang firefox/whatsnew_61.lang firefox/whatsnew_63.lang firefox/whatsnew_66.lang firefox/whatsnew_67.lang firefox/whatsnew_69.lang firefox/whatsnew_70.lang footer.lang foundation/annualreport/2011.lang foundation/annualreport/2011faq.lang foundation/annualreport/2012/faq.lang foundation/annualreport/2012/index.lang legal/index.lang main.lang mozorg/404.lang mozorg/500.lang mozorg/about-2019.lang mozorg/about/history.lang mozorg/about/manifesto.lang mozorg/contribute/index.lang mozorg/contribute/signup.lang mozorg/contribute/stories.lang mozorg/home/index-quantum.lang mozorg/mission.lang mozorg/plugincheck-update.lang mozorg/products.lang mozorg/technology.lang navigation.lang newsletter.lang privacy/faq.lang privacy/index.lang privacy/principles.lang



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Strings identical to English:

  • Firefox - Protect your life online with privacy-first products
  • Firefox is more than a browser. Learn more about Firefox products that handle your data with respect and are built for privacy anywhere you go online.
  • The browser is just the beginning
  • Meet our family of products
  • Get 2,000+ trackers off your trail — including Facebook
  • Know when hackers strike — and stay a step ahead
  • Start getting breach reports
  • Keep your passwords safe on every device
  • Learn more about Lockwise
  • Get the <strong>respect</strong> you deserve
  • Every single Firefox product honors our Personal Data Promise: <strong>Take less. Keep it safe. No secrets.</strong>
  • Share large files without prying eyes
  • Start sending files safely
  • Trade clickbait for quality content
  • Learn more about Pocket
  • One login. All your devices. A family of products that respect your <strong>privacy</strong>.
  • Learn more about joining Firefox
  • Get the browser extension
  • Get the Facebook Container extension
  • Download the browser
  • Download the app
  • Desktop
  • Browsers

Tip: if it is expected that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical". Example:

Plugins {ok}