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download_button.lang firefox/accounts-2018.lang firefox/accounts.lang firefox/all.lang firefox/campaign.lang firefox/channel/index.lang firefox/facebookcontainer/index.lang firefox/features/bookmarks.lang firefox/features/fast.lang firefox/features/independent.lang firefox/features/index.lang firefox/features/memory.lang firefox/features/password-manager.lang firefox/features/private-browsing.lang firefox/features/send-tabs.lang firefox/features/sync.lang firefox/hub/home-quantum.lang firefox/installer-help.lang firefox/mobile.lang firefox/new/quantum.lang firefox/new/trailhead.lang firefox/nightly_firstrun.lang firefox/products/developer-quantum.lang firefox/profile-per-install.lang firefox/sendto.lang firefox/shared.lang firefox/switch.lang firefox/tracking-protection-tour.lang firefox/whatsnew.lang firefox/whatsnew_61.lang firefox/whatsnew_63.lang firefox/whatsnew_66.lang firefox/whatsnew_67.lang foundation/annualreport/2011.lang foundation/annualreport/2011faq.lang foundation/annualreport/2012/faq.lang foundation/annualreport/2012/index.lang legal/index.lang main.lang mozorg/404.lang mozorg/500.lang mozorg/about-2019.lang mozorg/about.lang mozorg/about/history-details.lang mozorg/about/history.lang mozorg/about/manifesto.lang mozorg/contribute/index.lang mozorg/contribute/signup.lang mozorg/contribute/stories.lang mozorg/home/index-quantum.lang mozorg/internet-health/decentralization.lang mozorg/internet-health/digital-inclusion.lang mozorg/internet-health/index.lang mozorg/internet-health/open-innovation.lang mozorg/internet-health/privacy-security.lang mozorg/internet-health/shared.lang mozorg/internet-health/web-literacy.lang mozorg/mission.lang mozorg/plugincheck-update.lang mozorg/products.lang mozorg/technology.lang navigation.lang newsletter.lang privacy/faq.lang privacy/index.lang privacy/principles.lang



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  • Firefox News
  • Get how-tos, advice and news to make your Firefox experience work best for you.
  • Developer Newsletter
  • Mozilla News
  • Regular updates to keep you informed and active in our fight for a better internet.
  • Mozilla Community
  • Join Mozillians all around the world and learn about impactful opportunities to support Mozilla’s mission.
  • Internet Health Report
  • Keep up with our annual compilation of research and stories on the issues of privacy & security, openness, digital inclusion, decentralization, and web literacy.
  • Knowledge is Power
  • Get all the knowledge you need to stay safer and smarter online.
  • Mozilla Labs
  • We're building the technology of the future. Come explore with us.
  • Take Action for the Internet
  • Add your voice to petitions, events and initiatives that fight for the future of the web.
  • New Product Testing
  • Help us make a better Firefox for you by test-driving our latest products and features.
  • Desktop
  • Remove me from all the subscriptions on this page
  • Not all subscriptions are supported in all the languages listed. Almost all are offered in English, German and French.
  • Text subscribers will receive an email twice a year to confirm continuation of the subscription. Those emails may include HTML.
  • Many of our communications are related to an account you’ve signed up for, such as Firefox Accounts, MDN Web Docs, or Add-on Developer. To manage one of your accounts or see a list of all the accounts visit our <a href="%s">account management support page</a>.
  • To get access to the whole world of Firefox products, knowledge and services in one account, join us! Learn more about the benefits <a href="%s">here</a>.
  • There are many ways to engage with Mozilla and Firefox. If you didn’t find what you were looking for here, check out our <a href="%s">community pages</a>.

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