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Repository: https://github.com/mozilla-l10n/appstores/tree/master/nb-NO/


focus_android/description_release.lang focus_ios/description_release.lang focus_ios/whatsnew/focus_3_1.lang fx_android/description_beta.lang fx_android/description_nightly.lang fx_android/description_release.lang fx_android/whatsnew/android_59.lang fx_android/whatsnew/android_60.lang fx_android/whatsnew/android_61.lang fx_ios/description_release.lang



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Strings identical to English:

  • Our latest release includes features that can help you be more productive.
  • We have combined share extensions into a single one that lets you easily open links from other applications in Firefox. You can also add them to your bookmarks or even your reading list.
  • Syncing devices is now easier to access and verify straight from the menu.
  • We now have support for downloading files to your device, which can be shared with other applications. Downloads are accessible via the built-in Files app. Want to save a PDF file for later? Long press links to download them for offline use.

Tip: if it is expected that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical". Example:

Plugins {ok}