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  • Many people hear the term Web literacy and think it means learning to code, or <abbr>STEM</abbr> (science, technology, engineering, math) education. But Web literacy is much broader than that – it should include all the skills to be confident and competent online. To be empowered digital citizens, we all need to know how to navigate, how to share, what information to trust, and most importantly, how to expand the frontiers of our knowledge.
  • 82% of American middle-schoolers assessed couldn’t tell the difference between an ad labeled “sponsored content” and a real news story on a website.
  • Take a <a href="%(quiz)s">fake news quiz</a>, or <a href="%(primer)s">follow this helpful primer</a> from our friends at the <abbr title="International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions">IFLA</abbr>.
  • Tinker with X-Ray Goggles
  • Join or start <a href="%(clubs)s">your local Mozilla club</a> to learn the Web among your peers.
  • Collaborating with leaders in the field to create Mozilla’s <a href="%(map)s">Web Literacy Map</a> that provides a clear, practical definition of web literacy.
  • Working with educations and policymakers to help make Web literacy <a href="%(education)s">as foundational to education as reading and math</a>.
  • Use <a href="%(activities)s">these activities and instructions</a> to help your kids and your community build strong Web literacy skills.
  • Ask for it
  • Tell your school – and those of your kids – that Web literacy is essential to education, and should go beyond having computers in the classroom.
  • Creating opportunities and building communities to support youth accessing the Web and <a href="%(learning)s">learning how to use it</a>, like our <a href="%(un_women)s">partnership with UN Women</a> to teach digital skills to girls and women in Africa.
  • A fundamental part of Web literacy is understanding the forces that shape our lives online: the companies building our experiences, the politicians crafting and supporting government policies, and the power we hold as digital citizens to create the Internet we want. Having a say in our shared future on the Web means deciding which values are most important to us, and standing up for those values when they are threatened.
  • Source: <a href="%(motherboard)s">Motherboard</a>
  • Creating space for understanding, conversation, and community around what makes a healthy Internet – like the page you’re reading right now, and campaigns such as <a href="%(reform_copyright)s">Reform Copyright</a>.
  • <a href="%(advocating)s">Advocating at the policy level</a> to make sure politicians understand the role that digital citizens play in our society, and adopt policies to empower citizens.

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