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  • Now’s the time
  • This opportunity is a lot bigger than just Facebook
  • Protecting users’ security and privacy on the web is a long-held goal of Mozilla’s. Now, our issues are in the news — will you help us seize the moment?
  • The global conversation is shifting. Internet users are increasingly aware of how big companies use their personal data.
  • Will you donate today to help Mozilla fight for a healthy internet, where privacy is included by design and you have more control over your personal information?
  • Yes, I’ll chip in
  • Hey there,
  • Dear [firstname],
  • I’ll get right to the point — <strong>we’re asking for your help today.</strong>
  • Privacy and security are all over the news lately. From large-scale data breaches like Equifax, to the more recent news of oodles of Facebook data being shared with Cambridge Analytica, a lot of people have started seriously considering what it all means for our digital lives these days.
  • This is a huge opportunity for us! Now we can talk about what online privacy <strong>should</strong> look like. But we can’t do that without your financial support.
  • You see, we believe strongly that regular internet users like you should have a lot more control of your own data — what is collected, who collects it, and how it is shared, bought, or sold. We think privacy should always be top of mind, and that companies and organizations should adopt lean data practices instead of vacuuming up every byte of information about you that they possibly can.
  • If you agree with us, will you make a financial contribution today to help support our work?
  • We’re planning some ambitious projects over the next few months, and we need your help.
  • <strong>Protecting Consumers.</strong> Following up on our “<a>Privacy Not Included</a>” buyer’s guide, we’re planning to take a deeper look at some of the worst consumer devices out there — and hoping to spark a conversation around how to tackle the security challenges around the “Internet of Things.”
  • <strong>Policy Matters — a lot.</strong> We’re working on several campaigns around the world — such as in India, where we’re very involved in the debate over data protection and the Aadhaar (India’s national biometric identity database) — arguing for strong privacy and security protections.
  • We’re also looking at the impact of GDPR in the European Union, and how it can be used to hold platforms and data brokers accountable.
  • <strong>Supporting Leaders.</strong> Mozilla <a>Fellows</a> are hard at work around the world with <a>opinion pieces, journalism and advocacy</a> to educate the public and policymakers about these important issues, and speak up for the rights of internet users.
  • As an advocate for a healthy and open internet, we see a very important opportunity over the next few months to shape the debate and advance the privacy rights of regular internet users like you.
  • As a nonprofit organization, Mozilla depends on contributions from people like you to get the job done. <a>Will you chip in a few bucks to support our work?</a>
  • Sincerely,
  • VP, Advocacy
  • Mozilla Foundation

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