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  • We’re almost ready to unveil the latest version of Firefox. <a>Sign up to be one of the first to experience the new design</a>.
  • Today, we introduce the latest Firefox. <a>There’s never been a better time to use and share it with the world</a>.
  • Millions have downloaded the latest Firefox! <a>Be part of the community and download it now</a>.
  • Love Firefox? <a>Share your vision for the kind of Web you want</a>.
  • xx% want more privacy for the future of the Web. <a>Where do you stand</a>?
  • xx% think the Web should provide people with more opportunity. <a>Join us if you think so too</a>.
  • xx% want the Web to be accessible to anyone and everyone. <a>What kind of Web do you want</a>?
  • xx% support a Web that promotes freedom and democracy. <a>Join us if you think so too</a>.
  • xx% want a Web that people today and future generations can learn from. <a>What about you</a>?
  • xx% don’t believe that other companies should control their online experience. <a>Join Firefox in fighting for user control</a>.
  • See the Web we want, <a>a letter to those in charge</a>.
  • Let's listen to the next generation and <a>see the Web they want</a>.
  • Thanks for choosing the latest Firefox. <a>Now see what you can do with it</a>.
  • See what you can do with the latest Firefox and <a>check out the new features</a>!
  • Love Firefox and want to access your bookmarks, passwords and more from any device? <a>Create a Sync account</a>.
  • Learn how <a>Sync</a> helps you make Firefox your own wherever you use it.
  • Check out our <a>favorite add-ons</a> and some themes that make the latest version of Firefox shine.
  • Our community has made some amazing add-ons for Firefox. Check out the contest winners and <a>try them yourself</a>!
  • Add-ons are tools that make your life easier and more fun. <a>Add some to Firefox to make browsing more awesome</a>.
  • Firefox believes in your right to privacy. That's why we helped create features like <a>Do Not Track</a>.
  • Firefox believes in your right to privacy. That's why we offer you features like <a>private browsing</a>.
  • See some great ways users are customizing their Firefox and <a>learn how you can too</a>.
  • Want to refresh your memory on the new features in Firefox? <a>Take the tour again</a>.
  • Calling all Beta testers: <a>Help test the new, faster, more flexible and streamlined Firefox</a>!
  • See how many people have downloaded the <a>latest Firefox</a>!
  • Share your vision for the Web and <a>see what others are saying</a>.

Tip: if it is expected that a string is identical to the English one for your language, just add {ok} to your string and it will no longer be listed as "identical". Example:

Plugins {ok}