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  • Stakeouts have always been an essential tool for law enforcement and national security.
  • This means being transparent and specific about information collection, and answering to independent oversight and to the public.
  • Take a stand
  • The first thing we can all do is keep our eyes and ears out – and make our voices heard.
  • Get informed
  • Start with a simple online search to learn about your government’s stance on surveillance, so you can make informed decisions about your privacy.
  • Sign up for the <a href="{url}">Mozilla newsletter</a> (English only).
  • We actively track issues of mass surveillance and other threats to the Web, so we’ll let you know about opportunities to speak out.
  • Close your blinds
  • These quick steps can help protect you from overreaching surveillance practices.
  • Always look for the padlock in your browser’s address bar.
  • Put a sticker in front of your webcam when you’re not using it.
  • Here are some Mozilla <a href="{url}">tips for creating a strong password for every device and account</a>.
  • And get in the habit of changing your passwords once a year.
  • Would you use the same key for your front door, your car, and your safety deposit box? Probably not.
  • See instructions for <a href="{firefox}">Firefox</a>, <a href="{chrome}">Chrome</a>, <a href="{ie}">Internet Explorer</a>, <a href="{safari}">Safari</a> and <a href="{opera}">Opera</a>.
  • For the best protection, take advantage of 2-step authentication wherever it’s offered.
  • Encryption is a bit like scrambling a frequency: it turns information into codes that can only be read if you have the right keys.
  • No software provides perfect protection from spying, but Mozilla programmers recommend these easy encryption tools to take your online security beyond basic.
  • These apps use encryption to secure your phone calls, texts, picture and video communications.
  • Use these on your devices to make sure the only eyes that see your personal information are the ones you authorize.
  • <a href="{url}">FileVault</a> — a free and built-in way to encrypt your Mac’s startup disk
  • Use <a href="{url1}">BitLocker</a> (Windows Pro) or a free program called <a href="{url2}">Diskcryptor</a> (standard Windows versions).
  • Blast your surveillance smarts
  • The only way we’ll get a handle on this fundamental issue of technology is if we keep the conversation going.
  • Which would you be more comfortable sharing with the government: your checking account number or your DNA profile?
  • If you had a digital lockbox that no one could see but you, what would you put in it?
  • Have you stopped sharing certain things online since you found out about mass government surveillance?

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