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Mozilla thanks The Guardian: fighting misinformation

In April 2019, Mozilla delivered a giant 'thank you' card to The Guardian newspaper in London. Why? The Guardian is preventing the spread of online misinformation by adding more context to their news articles when they're shared on social media.

My name is Jon Lloyd, head of

European Campaigns at Mozilla,

and today we’re here to do something special for the Guardian.

When the Guardian noticed that old articles of theirs were being

posted as new news to push extremist viewpoints online, they added

the date, so that people knew instantly that what they were seeing was an old story.

This is a small but very important step

in fighting Misinformation online. So we’re here today to deliver a giant Thank You

card signed by the Mozilla Foundation and nearly 27,000

other Mozilla supporters.

It’s just our small way

of saying “Thanks” to The Guardian for taking

leadership in

fighting against Misinformation

online. And if other publishers

take this same step

we’ll be able to go a

long way in fighting

Disinformation worldwide.

So on behalf of Mozilla,

and nearly 27,000

Mozilla supporters, we just want

to say: Thank you so much for stepping up to tackle Misinformation online.

… Whoaa …Wow….

Thanks so much. It’s a

really fantastic

thing to be able to get a

card with so many signatures that help us understand that what we’ve done is something that other people value too,

especially in an age when with social platforms

people need context around journalism more than ever.

So, thanks ever so much and thanks to everyone who signed it.

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Thanks, The Guardian

To The Guardian: Thank You!

Mozilla delivered a message of thanks to The Guardian newspaper, on behalf of 27,000 of you. The Guardian is preventing misinformation by adding more context to news articles shared on social media, so we decided to say “thank you” in a really big way.

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Thank you The Guardian from Mozilla

The Mozilla Foundation delivered a giant thank you card with 27,000 signatures to The Guardian for tackling misinformation.