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Product % Type Tran. Untr. Iden. Miss. Fuzzy Total Errors
AMOgettext 0 gettext 0 2441 0 0 0 2441
Firefox Accountsgettext 35.4 gettext 208 380 0 0 0 588
Firefox Screenshotsproperties 22.8 properties 121 0 26 205 0 326
Firefox for iOSxliff 76.8 xliff 514 155 49 0 0 669
Focus for iOSxliff 86.8 xliff 184 28 16 0 0 212
SUMOgettext 0 gettext 0 2556 0 0 0 2556
Thunderbird.netgettext 47.8 gettext 54 59 0 0 0 113

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Notes on XLIFF files

A MDN document is available explaining how to to work on XLIFF files.