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All products AMO AMO Frontend Activity Stream (New Tab) EU Copyright campaign Firefox Accounts Firefox Out-of-date Add-on Firefox Screenshots Firefox for iOS Focus for Android Focus for iOS Fundraising MDN Mozilla Advocacy Mozilla Learning Network Mozillians Pocket SUMO Social API Directory TP Min Vid TP SnoozeTabs TP Tab Center Test Pilot Website Thimble

Product % Type Tran. Untr. Iden. Miss. Fuzzy Total Errors
AMOgettext 0 gettext 0 2842 0 0 0 2842
AMO Frontendgettext 36.4 gettext 63 110 0 0 0 173
Activity Stream (New Tab)properties 71.4 properties 40 0 4 8 0 48
Firefox Accountsgettext 58.7 gettext 229 161 0 0 0 390
Firefox Screenshotsproperties 100 properties 36 0 1 0 0 36
Firefox for iOSxliff 85.6 xliff 464 78 50 0 0 542 Error extracting stats: File “Account/Info.plist” is missing target-language attribute
Focus for Androidgettext 100 gettext 71 0 0 0 0 71
Focus for iOSxliff 98.6 xliff 73 1 10 0 0 74 Error extracting stats: File “Blockzilla/Info.plist” is missing target-language attribute
Pocketproperties 44 properties 22 0 3 14 0 36

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Notes on XLIFF files

A MDN document is available explaining how to to work on XLIFF files.